JOHATSU JAPAN - Have you seen Tetsuro Nishida, A.K.A. Mr. West?

Please email or call 03-4578-9370

  • Disappeared December 2014
  • Ran Away?
  • Drunk in a gutter
  • Hiding from failure?

    Tetsuro Nishida

    Approx 50 years old
    Last Known address in Okinawa Japan

    Why am I looking for him? Well. First he used to be a friend. But, second, and really, the Japanese Court needs to hear from him. Because Tetsuro Nishida dissapeared the court took it out on my company. I am appealing the judgement. See more here.

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    If you know where Tetsuro Nishida is please tell him to MAN UP and contact me or the Japaense court. To JOHATSU, "evaporate" is just so much bullshit.

  • This is how I feel: Moshiwakegozaimasen

    When we lost him last time in 2005.

    Yes, I know. It's embarrasing. My wife hated that I did solar business with Nishida again. Shit. She was 100% right.