Giving Gifts in Japan

22 Feb 2021 ... Gift giving is a common part of Japanese culture. Different types of gifts are given on different occasions as outlined below. Much attention is ...

want to move to Japan in about 3 years - forum

16 Jun 2009 ... It is more hot and humid than Alabama and no air conditioning will make sleeping next to impossible for some accustomed to it. Getting a job as ...

African American Residents in Japan? - forum

12 Oct 2008 ... The only people who would think that are the same ones who think there are plenty of Asians in Alabama. I don't have the numbers in hand but ...

remarriage after divorce - forum

20 Oct 2009 ... Except Alabama & Texas, 2009/10/21 02:06 ... pronounced the Final Decree of Marriage, exception are the State of Alabama (60 days waiting ...

How do we return a koden gift? - forum

28 Oct 2011 ... We recieved a ''koden'', monetary gift (intended for flowers) from my Mother in laws family in Japan. However we are not having a funeral or ... user profile - dolan

nickname. dolan. residing. Alabama, United States. member since. 9 March 2010 . japan travel profile. how often. never. Book your trip. Hotels; Car; Buses; Tours.

I want to go to a Japanese college - forum

10 Aug 2010 ... and if not how should i convince my parents bc i could probably get a scholarship here...but i live in freakin Alabama which has like zero ... user profile - George57

Search Search Sign In. George57. general profile. nickname. George57. residing. Alabama, United States. member since. user profile - Atem

nickname. Atem. residing. Alabama, United States. member since. 4 June 2012. birth year. 1997. sex. Male. nationality. United States. ethnicity. White/Caucasian  ... user profile - Kazuma Kuwabara

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